Premium Calendar Organizers

Save Organizers for Quick Re-use


If you have multiple organizers for events, you may find it helpful to add organizers to your calendar for easy reference in the future.

The Organizer Options


Access the Organizers options by going to EVENTS CALENDAR > ORGANIZERS. This page will list your current organizers as well as give you the option to add more organizers.

Editing an Organizer


To Edit an organizer, click on the name of the organizer to access the editing options.  

Adding an Organizer


To Add an Organizer, click the ADD NEW button.  

Enter Organizer Name


Enter the name of the organizer or organizers.  

Enter Description (Optional)


If you want to add a description for the organizer, you can add that here. This is optional.

Enter Organizer Info and Save


Enter as much information as you would like about your organizer. We would suggest NOT including an email address in this section to help avoid receiving spam. When you are finished, be sure to PUBLISH your organizer to save the changes.  

Using Saved Organizers


When you add a new event, any organizers that you ahve previously saved will be listed in the drop down under Event Organizer Details. Select your organizer and you’re all set!