Digital PTO is a well running machine, but, every now and then we run into a bug in the site. If there is a major bug with a common fix, we will post it up here. We also keep past issues listed in the event that you have not yet fixed the bug on your site. If you find a bug, please let us know!

Announcements, Bugs & Known Issues

Email Subscription Feature Bugs

For members using our email subscription program, we are aware of a few bugs in the system.

1) Events included in email content settings may repeat and/or send out past events. We suggest disabling Events in the content section of your email subscriptions settings.

2) Daily email sending can be buggy. We highly suggest using a weekly delivery setting vs daily as it is much more reliable.

Calendar Theme Conflicts

Please be aware that our Events Calendar comes with a variety of themes, but the only theme that has been tested with all of our themes is the default VORTEX 2.0 theme. Switching calendar themes may cause your site to load improperly. If this happens to you, be sure to switch back to the VORTEX 2.0 theme and the issue will be resolved.

KNOWN ISSUE: Double Log In

We are currently aware that for some users, the website is asking you to log in a second time. This is a security setting that we feel is important, so we have implemented it.

PAST ISSUE: Basic Calendar Freezes after 2nd Month

We are aware of the fact that our old Basic Calendar experiences issues occasionally moving past the 2nd month of display. This issue has been marked as resolved due to the fact that an entirely new calendar has been released to the entire network.

PAST ISSUE: More than One Calendar Installed

Digital PTO Offers three different calendars based on your plan level.

It is possible to activate MORE THAN ONE calendar if you are a Premium or Premium Plus Member, but this will cause two issues with the Premium Calendar:

1) The Drop Down Months will not display correctly on the live site. You will see duplicate months.

2) Events added to the last day of the month will be duplicated moving forward indefinitely.


How do I know if I have both Calendars running at the same time?

Log into your admin dashboard.  Look at your Admin Menu’s along the left side. The Menu called EVENTS toward the top is the Premium or Premium Plus Calendar. If you also have an Menu called EVENTS CALENDAR toward the bottom of your menu’s, you are using both calendars.


How to I turn off the Standard Calendar and fix the issue?

The fix for this issue is very simple. All you need to do is de-activate the standard calendar and you will be all set. Here’s how to do that.

1) Be sure you are not currently using (or need) the events and information on the standard calendar. The Standard Calendar can be found on your admin side bar toward the bottom left side and is called EVENTS CALENDAR. If you are currently using this calendar or have information you need before de-activating, please copy and paste your events up to the Premium Calendar located under the EVENTS menu option. This must be done by hand.

2) Once you have verified that you do not need the Standard Events Calendar, click on the PLUGINS menu option. Scroll toward the bottom of the Plug In’s list and find the plug in called WP EVENTS CALENDAR.

3) Click the DEACTIVATE link found directly under the WP EVENTS CALENDAR title.

4) Problem Solved. Check your Premium Calendar on your live site to verify that it is now working properly. Good work!

SOLVED: Custom Domains are not loading - 1/04/2012

We are aware that a select group of sites that are using custom domain names are not loading at this time. We have recently moved to a brand new server that is much faster, and more robust, but in that transition it was necessary to update both our NameServer and A name addresses. If your website is not loading properly, please update either your nameserver records or your A Name records (you had the option when you first assigned your domain to pick one of these two methods).

The correct NameServers are now and (previously &

The correct IP address (for A name records) is now (previously

Please visit the following links for full details on how to make the change:

NameServer Instructions can be found at:

DNS A Name Instructions can be found at:…

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are very excited about our brand new, lightening quick servers and hope you will be too.

Thank you for your understanding – The Digital PTO Staff