Paypal First Time Setup

Setting Up Paypal Settings the First Time

If you have not yet set up any Paypal payments or settings, you’ll want to start with this quick tutorial to get your Paypal account ready for your Digital PTO website. This only needs to be completed ONCE for the lifetime of your account.

Step 1: Access Form Settings (FORMS > SETTINGS)


Click on FORMS and then SETTINGS to access the settings for your form system.

Step 2: Go to Paypal Settings


In order to allow payments via Paypal, you must first set up your Paypal Settings. This is a one time set up. To get started, click the PAYPAL link in the Settings Menu.

Step 3: Copy your IPN URL


It sounds complicated, but it’s not. Simply copy the URL on your screen that is located inside the orange box we’ve highlighted above. You’ll need this link in a minute.

Step 4: Complete Required IPN Settings


When you access the Paypal settings page, you will be asked to set up your Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) settings within Paypal and then verify that you have completed that step. First Click on the link that says IPN SETTINGS PAGE. This will open a new window with a Paypal log in screen.

Step 5: Log In and the CHOOSE IPN SETTINGS


Once you log into to your Paypal account, you will be directed to the IPN Page. Click on the CHOOSE IPN SETTINGS button.

Step 6: Enter your Notification URL, Enable IPN Messages & Save


You will now see a field asking for your Notification URL. This URL is found on your Digital PTO Paypal settings page and will look something like this: – Copy that URL and paste it into the NOTIFICATION URL dialogue box. Then under IPN Messages, check RECEIVE IPN MESSAGES (ENABLED) and then click SAVE.

Advanced Note: If your IPN is already active and you have another Notification URL populated here, you do not need to populate the Digital PTO Form IPN Notification URL. Digital PTO/PayPal only requires that the IPN is enabled and that any Notification URL is populated in your PayPal settings. The Digital PTO Form IPN Notification URL is sent as the ‘return_url’ parameter for every PayPal Add-on transaction.

Step 7: Confirm that IPN is Enabled


Once you SAVE your Paypal IPN URL, you can close the Paypal window and back at Digital PTO you need to check the box that is Confirming that you have configured your Paypal IPN settings. There is no need to click save once you have checked that box.