Contemplate Templates

Contemplate Advanced Templates

Contemplate Templates allow you to create a block of code and use it multiple times on your website. Additionally, the more popular functionality is the ability to display more complex code on your website, especially code from outside websites.  By default, our Pages and Posts block certain kinds of javascript and frames, but using the Contemplate Templates allows you the ability to use a larger variety of coding blocks.

Activate the Plugin


If the Contemplate Templates plugin has not been activated, go to Plugins > All Plugins and activate the plugin.

Goto Settings > Contemplate


To access the settings page, go to SETTINGS > CONTEMPLATE

Add New Content Template


If you have no templates created yet, you will see a blank page with a button on the right that says ADD NEW CONTENT TEMPLATE. Click that.

Paste your code


When your new template is created, you can paste the code you need to add in the message field box.

Save Changes


When you are finished, be sure to SAVE CHANGES to save your work.

Copy Your Shortcode


When your new template was created, the site also created a “short code” for you. This short code can be pasted anywhere on your website and will display the code you pasted earlier.

Paste your Short Code


Go to the page you want to display your Contemplate Template on and paste the short code you received on the page.