Beta Tester eCommerce Information

eCommerce is currently undergoing Beta Testing and is not available to all users. These instructions are for our Beta Testers at this time.

How to set up your eCommerce Store.

Welcome to the Beta Program for our new eCommerce Platform! This page will give you a quick overview of what you’ll need to do to set up your store and will also be a place for you to communicate issues with us and for us to announce new features to you.

Please Don’t Skip Any Steps

eCommerce can be a complicated beast, but we have laid out 6 easy steps to get your store up and running that you don’t want to miss (see below). You are always welcome to do more than our minimum list, but make sure you at least do the list below or you may get very strange results.

Getting Started in 6 Steps

You can find all 6 Getting Started Tips right here in our Help Center. Please do not skip around, these steps need to be followed in order. 

Payment Options

As of this point, all transactions will happen via your Paypal account. We are exploring adding Stripe and or Traditional Merchant Accounts in the future, but for now, Paypal is the only online payment method.

Extra PlugIns

We will be releasing more and more plugins over time for the ecommerce suite and you can keep track of the plugin’s by looking at the eCommerce Plug In Page in our Help Center.

Where to find more help

Our eCommerce platform is built with the most popular ecommerce software today, WooCommerce. While we have some additional functionality and settings, for the most part, the Support Documentation from WooCommerce is always up to date and goes into much more depth on specifics, so please feel free to visit their support tutorials at:

What Happens after Beta Testing?

We have yet to determine all of the pricing for the ecommerce system but we do anticipate that it will be included with our Premium Plus Plans. This is not official. In the event we do offer the plugin to Premium Plus Members, if you are not yet a Premium Plus Member you would need to upgrade to continue use of the functionality. In the event that there is a different pricing system, you will need to comply to continue to participate.

I found a bug! I have a question!

As you know, this product is being released with a Beta Categorization. That means that you may find bugs or glitches while using this software. Please be aware that during the beta testing, there may be some minor problems that could effect your ability to sell items for a short period of time or other issues. We will do everything we can to ensure a smooth experience of course.

If you have found a Bug or have a Question, please Contact Us via the Support Form and we’ll get back to you asap.