6: Some Additional Summaries & Tips

eCommerce is currently undergoing Beta Testing and is not available to all users. These instructions are for our Beta Testers at this time.

A few more things you might find very helpful.

OK, you’ve done excellent legwork to get to the 6th Getting Started Tutorial! This final tutorial is going to show you a few more basic functions and concepts.



Head to ONLINE STORE > ORDERS to access your order screen. This is a good screen to know. 

View the Orders in Summary Format


This main screen shows you your most recent orders in a summary view. You can click on the Order Number to see the details of any order, including it’s status and more. There are a number of options on this summary page, if you hover over something a pop up will tell you what it is for most items on the page. 

View an Order in Detail Format


When you click on an order number you will be presented with a much more detailed view of that order. This is the screen that you will change order status settings, and mark orders as completed. 


Current Limitations during testing:

At this time, the ecommerce platform is not able to do any of the following:

  • Export Orders in bulk – SOLVED (learn more)
  • Export Customer Lists- SOLVED (learn more)
  • Print Orders in Nice Format – SOLVED (learn more)
  • Add Additional Options (like check marks or text input) on Products – SOLVED (learn more)
  • Use Full Gravity Forms with the eCommerce

Each of the above items are features we are currently working on and hope to release soon.