Transitioning to the New Events Calendar

Introducing the New FREE Events Calendar

dptocalendar-newsAs of July 28, 2014, Digital PTO is now offering our top of the line Premium Plus Calendar to every single one of our members, both free and paid. We feel that scheduling is a critical piece of keeping your group organized and successful, so instead of making the calendars a paid upgrade, we have decided to bundle them with every single one of our plans.

How to Transition to the New Events Calendar

If you signed up for Digital PTO before July 28, 2014 and were a paid member, it is possible that you are using one of our older calendars (The Standard Calendar or the Premium Events Calendar) in addition to the new calendar that is now a part of your website. We highly suggest that you begin transitioning to the new calendar when it is convenient for you as it is our best calendar by far. You are welcome to continue to use your old calendar, but please note that we will be developing mostly for the top calendar from here on out.

Common Questions about the calendar transition

Q: Will my events from the Standard or Premium Calendar move to the New Events Calendar?

A: No. Unfortunately, the calendar systems do not speak to each other. You will need to enter your events into the new upgraded calendar. You are welcome to wait to transition to the new calendar when it works best for your schedule and future event entries.

Q: Do I have to use the new Events Calendar?

A: Nope! If you would rather use your older calendar, that is just fine. You will not be able to de-activate the events calendar, but it can work in conjunction with another calendar. Remember though, this is our top of the line, Premium Plus Calendar. It’s pretty amazing.

Q: My calendar is gone and the new one is there. How do I get my old one back?

A: The Premium Plus Calendar looks for your calendar page and tries to add the calendar to it. With some configurations it can override the existing calendar and make it vanish. If this happens to you, it is very simple to fix. You simply need to create a different page for the new calendar to live on.

Go to PAGES > Add NEW and create a new page called Spare Calendar (or something like that).

Then go to EVENTS CALENDAR > SETTINGS. Under the VIEWING EVENTS Tab, the first option is “CALENDAR PAGE”. Change that option to the new page you just created (Spare Calendar in the example) and save your options. This will move the new calendar away from your old calendar and should have everything back to normal.

Q: Is there still a benefit to being a Premium Plus Member?

A: Absolutely! The Premium Plus Calendar was only one small piece of the benefits to Premium Plus membership! The Premium Plus Members still have access to online payment options, advanced calendar options, as well as some extremely exciting features that will be released this fall. Stay tuned!

Q: Was the bug in the Premium Plus Calendar Fixed?

A: Yes! We planned to release the calendar to all websites earlier this summer, but we encountered a bug in the software that delayed that launch. Our team was able to identify what caused the glitch and then was able to re-write that portion of code to avoid that glitch in the future. As of last weekend, the calendar is running smoothly and without issues.

Q: How do I learn more about this new Calendar?

A: We have tutorials on the new Events Calendar at: