Events Calendar Advanced

A deeper look at the new Events Calendar

The Digital PTO  Events Calendar is a very robust calendar. This tutorial goes more in depth explaining some of the advanced features and shows you how they interact with your actual event in the live mode. It is worth noting that the majority of these fields are OPTIONAL and anything that is not filled out (Event Cost for example) will completely remove the Display from the Event in Live mode, so you don’t have a bunch of “blank” information.


Part 1: Title, Date and Category


This section is pretty straight forward. Use the images above to see where different fields in the Events form are populated when viewed in the live mode.

Part 2: Venue Name, Address and Map


The event location details are all optional, but if you are hosting an event that is not common knowledge, it’s a good idea to include the details of the location and a map to the event. Users can also click the Full Size Map option and see more details of how to get to a particular event.

Part 3: Event Cost and Ticket Info


If your event has a fee to attend, you can include that amount in this field. Additionally, if you have a form built on your website to purchase tickets, you can add the URL of the form you’ve created to collect registration and payments and a “BUY TICKETS” button will appear. If you do not provide a link to buy tickets, the button will not be shown.

Part 4: Organizer Contact Info


Again, all of these fields are optional, but the more information you can provide to your visitors, the better. The organizer info is laid out very nicely for you with direct links to email and website and phone contact info.

Part 5: All Additional Information


The text entry field at the bottom of an event functions exactly like any News Post or Info Page you have already used on your site. Type as much information as you would like. Add Images, etc. It’s all up to you and you can be as long winded or short as you would like.