Premium Calendar Venues

Save Event Venues & Save Time


The Premium Calendar has the option to let you save Event Venues (Addresses) if you have multiple addresses in your calendar. This is especially helpful if you have off-campus events or multi-campus events.

The Venues Options


To access the Venues section, go to EVENTS CALENDAR > VENUES. This main page provides you with a list of your saved venues (addresses) as well as the ability to Add a New Venue.

Editing a Venue


Editing a Venue is simple, click the Name of the Venue to open the editing options.  

Adding a New Venue


Click ADD NEW to add a new Venue.

Enter the Venue Name


Enter the name of the Venue you are adding.

Enter Optional Description


If you want to add a description for the venue, you can do this here. In most cases this is not necessary.  

Enter Address & Venue Info


In the next section you can add the address for the venue with the option of displaying a Google Map on the events listing for convenience. Enter the address and any other information you wish to provide (phone, website, etc). You can also set the Google Maps to turn on by default.

Save your Venue


When you are finished, click the PUBLISH (or UPDATE if you’re editing) button.  

Using the Saved Venues


When you are adding or editing a post, you will see a drop down menu for saved venues in the location section. Select your saved venue from the list, determine your google map settings, and you’re all set!