Premium Calendar Event Categories

Categories for your Events & Activities

liveviewThe Premium Calendar has the ability to allow your users to filter calendar views by the category they are interested in. To allow for this filtration, you need to create and assign events categories to your events.

The Events Categories Options


To access the Events Categories, go to EvENTS CALENDAR > EVENT CATEGORIES. This page will display all of your current categories on the right side and allows you to add additional categories on the left side.

Adding a New Event Category


Adding an Event Category is very simple. All you are required to do is enter a NAME for the Category and you can create the category. If you want, you can also assign the SLUG (modification to the URL – optional) or a Parent Category. For example, you could have a Parent Category called “PTO Fundraisers” and then child categories of “Restaurant Nights”, “School Fundraisers”, “Ongoing Fundraisers”, etc. You can also enter a description of the category if you want to.

When you have finished adding all the information you want to add, click the ADD NEW EVENT CATEGORY button and you’re all set!

Assigning a Category to an Event


When you are creating an event, you can assign any previously created Events Categories by selecting the categories you wish to use under the Publish options.

Adding a Category in a New Event


If you are creating an event in your calendar and don’t have a category created for your particular needs, you do not need to leave the page to add a category, you can do it right in the New Event Page as well.

In the EVENTS CATEGORIES section, click the Add New Event Category Link.


Enter the name of your new Events Category (this will be saved for future use as well) – if you want to assign a Parent Category, you can do that as well. When you are ready, click the ADD NEW EVENT CATEGORY button.