News Post Expiration Plugin

Automatically Turn Off News that has Expired

The News Post Expiration Plugin allows you to set an expiration date for your News Posts. You can determine the date and time for a post to expire and also set up how you want the expired news article to be handled.

NOTE: This feature is currently in a Beta Release and may contain bugs. Please let us know if you come across any issues. Thank you.

Post Expiration and Email Subscriptions are not Compatible

If you are using our Automated Email News Blast plugin, do not activate this plugin or you may encounter missed deliveries on posts that have (or have had) post expiration dates set. We are continuing to develop this plugin and hope to resolve this conflict in the future.

Activate the Plugin


go to Plugins > All Plugins and activate the News Post Expiration Plugin.

Go to News Post & Locate Expiration Settings


Go to ALL NEWS POSTS and then open the News Post you wish to assign an expiration. Locate the Expiration Options in the Right Side Column. You may need to scroll to access the options. Note that you can move these sections around by dragging the Expiration Options upward in the right column.

Check the Enable Post Expiration Box


Check the ENABLE POST EXPIRATION Box to enable the date selection options.

Set the Expiration Date & Time


Set the date and time you wish to have the News Post expire. Remember the times are in Military (24 hr) time.

Set the Expiration Method


There are a variety of ways that you can expire a News Post.

DRAFT: If you set the post to expire as a Draft, when the time comes, the posts will be unpublished and will have a draft status. It will not be seen by anyone on the front end of your site.

DELETE: This option will Delete the post completely upon expiration. Use this option with caution.

PRIVATE: This is our recommended method. This option will mark your post as private so that only Editors and Administrators can see the post on the website. All other users will not see the post.

CATEGORY REPLACE: There are a number of Category options as well. These are best for advanced themes that will display certain categories of posts on things like the slider. Great if you want to move posts but don’t want to completely remove them. Category Replace will change the Posts assigned category to something else.

CATEGORY ADD: This option will add an additional category (or categories) to your post.

CATEGORY REMOVE: This option will remove a category from your News Post upon expiration.


Additional Settings

There are additional settings that you are welcome to explore that can be found under SETTINGS > POST EXPIRITOR. We will not be covering all of those options in this tutorial, but if you want to explore them, please feel free. This section allows you to establish default settings and more.