Mail Chimp vs Auto Email Blasts

Quick Comparison of Mail Chimp vs Auto Email Blasts

Many of our groups already use Mail Chimp (or another email service) and are curious about the advantages and disadvantages to using the Automatic Blast Service. The Automatic Email Blast service is designed primarily for groups that are not currently using another mail service, but all of our members are welcome to use this service. If you are already using Mail Chimp and are happy with the way things are working, we recommend sticking with them, but if you are struggling with getting emails out to your community (whether due to time restrictions or technical ability) our email blast service is perfect for you! If you have a large mailing list (over 1000 subscribers) we suggest using Mail Chimp as well.

Some of our larger schools that are already using Mail Chimp are also enabling the blast service we provide but not importing all of their subscribers. They are allowing subscribers to sign up for more “instant” notifications of news in addition to the standard email newsletters they receive. Users can sign up via the FOLLOW button that can be activated in the plugin.

If you have any questions about whether the email blast service is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for some advice. We’re happy to assist you in your decision making process!

Mailchimp vs Auto Blasts

Mail Chimp
Auto Email Blasts
Custom Colors
Custom Logo
Import Subscribers
Automatic Emails Sent
Easy “Follow” Widget
Pulls Content From your Website
Super Fast Delivery

Sends in Batches of 80 / 30 min

Complete Customization
Theme Options
Manage Multiple Lists
Complete Message Control
Type your Own Message
Integration with Digital PTO Forms
Suggested List Sizes

Best for lists over 500 people

Best for lists under 500 people