Important eCommerce Info

eCommerce is currently undergoing Beta Testing and is not available to all users. These instructions are for our Beta Testers at this time.

Beta Testers: Follow the steps in full

It is extremely important that you follow the 6 set up steps (in order) if you want to fully set up your store. Do not skip steps unless you have a good reason to.

When will eCommerce be released to the general members?

We do not have an exact date at this point, but we anticipate that it will launch in Summer 2016.

How much will eCommerce Cost?

We have not established pricing yet for the ecommerce add-on, but there is a good chance that it will be included with the Premium Plus Plans.

Can our group Beta Test also?

If you are set up on a Premium or Premium Plus plan already, you can Apply to be an eCommerce Beta Tester.