How to Download Form Data

Downloading Data from your Website Forms

One of the coolest features that Digital PTO offers to our Premium Plan Members is the ability to download all of the data collected on their forms in bulk. For example, you can download all of the volunteer information that has been submitted as a ready-to-go spread sheet to distribute to your volunteer coordinators, or you can download the family registration data for use in a school directory, mailing lists and more. PTA’s that are required to submit membership data can download the spreadsheet in a breeze and get everything submitted quickly to the National PTA. This tutorial will teach you how to create that download file.

Note: If you are using a credit card payment form (Wufoo), these directions do not apply. You will need to use the Wufoo Download Option.

Step 1: Click on Import/Export in the Forms Menu


Click on FORMS to access the forms list and then click on the IMPORT / EXPORT Menu item. This will open your export options.

Step 2: In Export Entries, Select your Form to Export


The Import / Export page offer three functions. You can export Form Entries, you can Export the actual Forms, and you can Import Pre-existing Forms. In this example, we want to Export Entries, which is the default option. In the Select a Form section, select the Form Data you wish to export from the Drop Down Menu.

Step 3: Select the Fields you wish to Export


Once you select the form you want to export, you will be presented with all of the possible fields to export. These include all of the forms on your form as well as some transaction and record keeping fields (Entry ID, Date, etc). You can check the SELECT ALL field to check all of the fields, or you can check individual fields if you only want certain information. Checking selective fields if useful especially when you are providing the data to another person (for example the volunteer coordinator), they might not need to know the Entry ID, etc. Select all the fields you wish to download.

Step 4: Conditional Logic (Optional)


The Conditional Logic option allows you to filter your exports based on form selections. In the example above, we have sent the download options so that we will only receive entries that have First Graders. There are a number of ways to use this functionality, so please feel free to play around.

Step 5: Select Date Range (Optional)


If you only want to download entries from a select time frame, you can enter your Start and End dates to limit the downloaded information. This can be useful if you have a Family Registration form that has been used for multiple years (as an example). This is an optional step. Leave it blank to download all data.

Step 6: Click the Download Export File Button


When you are ready to download your file, click the DOWNLOAD EXPORT FILE button. This will start the download process. You will either see a .txt file or a .csv file in your downloads (depending on your machine). If you see a .txt file, it’s going to be a .csv.txt file, so you can delete the .txt portion of the file name and change it to a .csv for use in Excel, Numbers Google Documents, etc. This file is a basic spread sheet and must be edited with spreadsheet software like the software listed above.