How to Deactivate a Form

Deactivating Forms on your Website

There are occasions when you may want to “turn off” or deactivate a particular form (or group of forms) on your website. This typically happens on forms that have a date time frame. Once the date has past for submissions, you can turn off the form completely to avoid late entries from old links floating around. It’s SUPER easy.

Step 1: Access your Forms List


Go to FORMS > FORMS to access the list of your forms.

Step 2: Click the Green Switch next to the Form


Click the green switch to the left of the title of the form you wish to deactivate. This will turn the switch Grey. Once it has changed color, the form is not longer accessible to your visitors, even if the page that holds the form is still active. If you wish to re-activate the form, simply click the Grey switch and turn it green again. Tada!