How to Add a Form to your Website

How to Add a Form to your Website

Digital PTO offers a wide variety of Pre-Built Forms for our Premium Members and Premium Plus Members. Custom Forms can also be created with ease. This tutorial was designed to show you how to install one of the pre-built forms (or a form you have already built on your own) on your website. This tutorial does not cover form creation or modification.

Note: If you are not a Premium or Premium Plus Member you will not see the FORMS menu in your admin panel.

Another Note: If you are collecting credit card payments directly on your forms you will need to refer to the Wufoo Instructions Instead.

Step 1: Open the Page you want to add a Form on


To Open a Page, click on PAGES and then ALL PAGES to view your entire list of Pages. Click the title of the page you with to add a form on, or click ADD NEW to create a new page.

Step 2: Click Location to Add form and the Add Form Button


Once the page opens, click on the page where you would like to add your new form. Then click the ADD FORM button next to the media upload options at the top of the edit area.

Step 3: Select the Form you want to Add


When the Insert a Form box opens, select the Form you wish to install from the Drop Down Menu.

Step 4: Select Form Options (Optional)


You have a few options with your form. You can turn on or off the Form Title and Description, you can also enable Ajax, which is a slightly more animated version of your form when you have a multipage form. The default settings are typically just fine.

Step 5: Insert the Form


When you are finished with your form options, click the INSERT FORM button to add the form to your page.

Step 6: Verify Placement & Update/Publish


When you return to your page, you should see your newly added form code added to your page. Ensure that the code was added where you hoped it would be. If you need to move it, simply cut and paste the code to a different location on your page. When you are all set, click the UPDATE / PUBLISH button to save your changes.

Step 7: Check your Work in Live Mode


Once you have published your page, be sure to view the live version of the page to ensure it looks like you were planning. If it’s all good, you’re done!