Family Registration Form Set Up (with Credit Card Payments)

Setting up your Family Registration Forms with Credit Card Payments

If you are a Premium Plus Credit Cards Member, you will have access to an entirely different set of forms that handle secure credit card transactions. These are different than the forms that are built into your website. These forms are with a third party provider that we have partnered up with called Wufoo. We suggest using the Wufoo forms for any forms that will be collecting Credit Card payments and we suggest using the built in forms for any forms you have that are simply collecting information (non payments)

We install the form for you by hand

Once your Wufoo Account is created (we’ll explain more below) we will install your Secure Credit Card form by hand to ensure that it is working properly and ready to go. It is very important that you fill out the form below or you will not have a Wufoo account created and thus you will not have the ability to process secure credit card transactions.

Remember there are two different ways to process credit cards

You have two credit card processing options. You can go the “No Merchant Account” route with Stripe and have a slightly higher transaction rate, but no monthly fee’s at all, or you can go the “Traditional Merchant Account” route and save some money on transaction fee’s, but pay a monthly fixed fee. We’ll get details out to you on both of those options after you submit this form.

How to Create your Wufoo Account

You will not have a Wufoo Account created until you fill out the form below. You have the option below for us to either create a Wufoo account for you and let you work on your form on your own, or we can create the Wufoo account for you and then install the basic form on your website. The choice is up to you, but either way, you MUST fill out this form to create your Wufoo Account.

Fill out my online form.