Editing Wufoo Form Entries

How to Edit Entries on Submitted Wufoo Forms

Occasionally you may need to edit an entry on a form that has already been submitted. Possibly a user has emailed you saying that they entered something incorrectly, or maybe you need to change an option for someone. This tutorial will cover how to edit an entry on a previously submitted Wufoo Form.

Step 1: Click ENTRIES


Click the ENTRIES link under the form you wish to Edit.

Step 2: Click on the Entry you wish to Edit


You can search for an entry in the search box, or scroll through entries to find the entry you’re looking for. Click on the Entry in the list to open up the editing form.

Step 3: Click the EDIT link on the Right Side


When the entry opens, click the EDIT button on the right side to enable editing of the form entry.

Step 4: Edit the Entry to your Needs


When you click the EDIT Button, the entry will open up in an editable form. Make the changes to the form you wish to make.

Step 5: Scroll Down and click the SAVE CHANGES Button


When you have finished editing, scroll down to the bottom of the form and click the SAVE CHANGES Button. This records your changes and you’re all set.

A note about Editing Submissions

Please be aware that if you edit a priced option (for example a Membership Level that has a fee associated with it) the user will not be charged or refunded anything. This is simply an edit of the form. If you need to make additional charges to your user you will need to use either the Stripe interface or the Authorize.net interface (depending on which on you are using). Again, this does not process fees or payments when you make an edit to a form.