Download Wufoo Form Entries

How to Download Entries from Wufoo Forms

If you are a Premium Plus Credit Card Member, you have access to our secure form system called Wufoo. All of your entries can be downloaded in bulk in a spreadsheet so that you can use the information for other things. This data can be used to create Parent Group Directories, can be distributed to your Volunteer Coordinators, etc. This tutorial explains how to download the data from your Wufoo Forms.

Step 1: Click ENTRIES under the form you wish to download


Hover over the form you want to download and click the ENTRIES link

Step 2: Click the BULK ACTIONS link


When the list of entries opens, click the BULK ENTRIES link in the black bar above the list.

Step 3: Click the EXPORT Button


You will see the EXPORT Button to the right of your entries list. Click that to Open your options.
WARNING – WARNING – WARNING: Be very careful to NOT click the Delete Button. If you do this it will delete every entry on your form and it CAN NOT BE RECOVERED.  

Step 4: Select your Export Format


When the Export Options box opens, select the format you wish to use for your export. We strongly suggest using the Commas (.csv) option as it is the most readable format available. You may use the other formats if you prefer, but we have found that the Commas version works great in all situations. Click your selection, pick a place to save the file on your computer and you’re done!