Custom Domain Name (Best Method)

How to assign a Custom Domain Name *BEST Method

Digital PTO offers the ability to use your own domain name when you are a member of a Basic or higher Plan. This allows your website to be accessed not only from your original address ( but also from a custom domain like

Please Note: Domain names are registered with a third party provider of your choice and are not a part of Digital PTO. Once you have registered a domain name, we will teach you how to “point” it to us.

Important Info: If you are planning on using custom email with your online forms, please note that many registrars (godaddy, network solutions, etc) will block emails being sent from the same domain as the email address. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST that you use an outside account (Gmail is our favorite) for receiving form submissions. We do not support form submissions to email addresses that are associated with your domain.

Every host has a different method for modifying your domain name, so we have opted to use as a reference as it is the most popular registrar out there. If you are not using, please contact your registrar for information on how to make the changes below.

Step 1: Purchasing a Domain Name


If you have not yet registered a domain name for your PTA/PTO, that will be the first step for you. You can use any domain name registrar online, but if you need a suggestion, we like

Please continue to read this before you purchase your domain name. Also, please remember that you do not need to add hosting, we provide that for you at no charge.

Step 2: Go to My Account


Once you have registered your domain name and confirmed your email and account, log in and click the MY ACCOUNT link up top. This will take you to your account overview page.

Step 3: Click the PLUS next to Domains


Now you want to expand your domain list by clicking the PLUS to the left of the Domains heading.

Step 4: Click the MANAGE button next to your domain


If you have more than one domain on your account, you will need to locate the domain you wish to use. Once you see your domain name, click the MANAGE button to the right of the domain name.

Step 5: Verify Forwarding is OFF


When you arrive on the main domain management screen, double check to make sure that FORWARDING is OFF. If this is not off, you will create a loop on your website and your site will not load. If forwarding is OFF (this is default) you can move to the next step. If forwarding is activated, please manage the settings to delete forwarding and turn it off.

Step 6: Click the DNS ZONE FILE Tab


Click on the DNS Zone File tab.

Step 7: Click the EDIT ICON for the @ Host


Don’t be scared by this screen, it’s really easy. Under the A (Host) section, you will see a column labeled HOST. If you have more than one record listed here, find the “@” symbol, this is the one you want to use. More than likely though, you only have the @ symbol. Click the EDIT ICON on the right side of the @ row.

Step 8: Change the POINTS TO address

Locate the POINTS TO field and change the default IP Address (the numbers you see) to this IP Address: 

Step 9: Click the FINISH Button

Once you have completed pasting the new IP address, click the FINISH button. 

Step 10: Click the SAVE CHANGES Link

None of your changes will be saved until you click the SAVE CHANGES link in the red bar. Click that link now.

Step 11: Verify your Changes

Double check to make sure your changes took effect. If they did, you are now finished with and can head to your website for the final step.

Step 12: On Your Digital PTO site, go to TOOLS > DOMAIN MAPPING


Head back to the admin area on your website and go to TOOLS > DOMAIN MAPPING

Step 13: Enter your Domain Name and click MAP DOMAIN


Enter your domain name (no http or www) and then click the MAP DOMAIN button. This will trigger our server to go out and look for your domain name and make sure that it is pointed to the Digital PTO servers. If your domain is ready for mapping, you will see a VALID message appear under the HEALTH STATUS. This means that you are all set and ready to use your domain name. It’s active right now! Congrats!




If you have followed all of the steps above and you receive an error message like the one above, don’t panic, this just means that your domain hasn’t finished changing over yet. This can take up to 72 hours, but is usually only about 30 minutes max. You can test to see if your domain is ready for mapping by trying to load it in your browser. If your domain forwards to the Digital PTO page, then your domain is ready to be mapped. If it does not, it’s not quite ready yet. Be sure to double check all of your settings, but in most cases waiting just a little bit will solve this issue.