Disable User Comments

How to Disable (or Activate) User Comments

Your Digital PTO Website has the ability to allow your visitors to submit comments on your posts and even pages. Some groups like this feature and some would prefer to not offer this option. This tutorial will explain how to disable (or re-enable) the comments settings.



To access the comment options, go to SETTINGS > DISCUSSION. Here you will find a variety of options. To disable comments go to the DEFAULT ARTICLE SETTINGS and uncheck the box next to ALLOW PEOPLE TO POST COMMENTS ON NEW ARTICLES. This will disable the comments option on news posts that have not been manually overridden on a particular article.

Step 2: Our Recommended Settings


The screen shot above shows you our suggested settings for the discussion screen. You are welcome to set this up in any way you would prefer, but if you want our suggestions, this is the ultimate set up (assuming you do not want comments) for your website.

Step 3: Save your Changes


When you have completed your settings adjustments, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Optional: Disable Individual Post Comments

If you have comments enabled on a specific News Post, you can disable those manually. This is only necessary if the Global Changes outlined above are not working.

Step 1: Go to Post and then Screen Options


Head to the Post you want to disable the comments on. If you do not see the comments options under the content for your post, click the SCREEN OPTIONS tab at the top of your screen. This will bring down a menu with additional options.

Step 2: Check the Discussion Box Option


Check the box next to DISCUSSION in the options. Then click the Screen Options Tab again to close the options.

Step 3: In Discussion Settings Uncheck Allow Comments


Scroll down under the content section for your post and find the Discussion Settings. Uncheck the box that says ALLOW COMMENTS. Be sure to Update or Publish your Post to save your changes.