Deleting Form Entries

How to Delete Entries on your Forms

Occasionally it may be necessary to delete some or all of the entries on a particular form. Maybe you were testing the form before launch and now need to delete those test submissions, or maybe it’s the start of the school year and you want to delete last years data so you can start with a fresh database. Whatever the reason, this tutorial will explain how to delete entries.

Step 1: Locate your Form and click ENTRIES


Go to your list of Forms (FORMS > FORMS) and hover over the title of the form you wish to use. Under the title you will see the link that says ENTRIES. Click that to open your entries.

Checkmark the Entries to Delete


You will see a checkbox next to each name on the left. Check the box next to each name you wish to delete. If you want to delete all entries on the page, click the checkbox up top on the left. This will select all entries on the page.

Have a lot of entries?


If you have a lot of entries, you will see an additional option when you select every name that allows you to select every name on the FORM, not just in the page. This is very helpful when you are deleting entries from a form that was filled out a bunch of times.


Step 3: Send Entries to Trash


Once you have selected the entries you wish to delete, go to the drop down menu up top and select TRASH from the list. Then click the APPLY button.

WARNING: These entries will be deleted, so be careful.