Custom Header Image

Many of our themes offer the ability to upload a custom image or graphic for the top of your website.



Navigate to the APPEARANCE menu and then click on HEADER. This will open up the header image options.

Your Current Image


If you have a current Header Image, the image will be displayed next to the Preview text. If you do not have a Header Image yet, you will more than likely see a blank section or a pre-defined header.

Selecting a Header Image


It is best to upload an image that is already the correct size so that you know it will fit good. Each theme will tell you the ideal size for your header in the SELECT IMAGE section. You can “edit” the image a little once it’s uploaded, but it’s better to do it before hand if that is possible in your situation.

Once you have an image picked out for your header, click the CHOOSE FILE option if the image is on your computer or the CHOOSE IMAGE option if you have already uploaded the image to your Media Library. Once you have Chosen your File, click the UPLOAD button preview your new header image.

Uploaded Images


Once you have uploaded at least one Image Header, you will see them listed in the Uploaded Images section. You can quickly switch back and forth between headers to test different versions. You can also opt for a Random Header which will pull from your Uploaded Images section randomly. It’s up to you! 

Remove Image


If you want to remove your customizations and the actual image itself from your options, you can do so by clicking the REMOVE HEADER IMAGE button.

Reset Image


If your theme had a Default Image, you can restore it by clicking the RESTORE ORIGINAL HEADER IMAGE button. If you theme did not have an original image, it will become blank in most cases.

Header Text


You may or may not want to display the Text Name of your website over your custom image. If you have uploaded an abstract image, a text name works great. If you uploaded a header that already has the name of your group on in, it might be better to hide your Header Text. To display Header Text, click the box and it will appear in the preview. You may also be presented with the ability to change the color of the Header Text.

Don’t Forget to Save Your Changes


When you are finished working on your Header, be sure to click the SAVE CHANGES button to lock everything in.