Create a Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

How to create a Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Premium Plus Plan Members have the ability to allow users to sign up for volunteer events and tasks right within your Digital PTO interface. Unlimited sign up forms that can be date specific or non dated based on your specific volunteer needs.

Have You Completed your Set Up Yet?

If you have not completed the entire set up tutorial, please complete that before you proceed to this area or you may have unexpected results. Here is the Set up Tutorial:

Step 1: Click Sign Up Sheets


Click the Sign Up Sheets menu item to access a list of all of your sign up sheets.

Step 2: Click ADD NEW to Create New Sheet


Click the ADD NEW button up top to create your first sign up sheet. Alternatively, you can also click on an existing Sign Up Sheet to edit it further.

Step 3: Enter the Title of your Event


Start by entering the Title of your event or function. 

Step 4: Select EVENT TYPE


Next, select the EVENT TYPE. A SINGLE Event is our recommended setting as it is the most tested method we have. You can also select a Recurring event (more than once), a Multi-Day event (weekend fundraiser) or an Ongoing event which is for general needs that are not specific to an event. For our Demo, we will select SINGLE as our event type.

Step 5: Specify Reminder Timing (if desired)


There are two automatic email reminders available to use. By default they are off. To turn them on, simply enter the number of days prior to the event you prefer and they’ll be activated. A good starting place is 1st Reminder 4 days , 2nd Reminder 1 day. 

Step 6: Adjust other settings as needed


There are a few other settings you can adjust if needed. For this demo, the settings above are all set to their default settings. 

Step 7: Optional Chair Name & Email


If you would like to list the chairpeople for your event, you can do so in this section. This will add the chair names to both the website and the reminder emails. This is optional. 

Step 8: Enter optional Event Details


If there are details about your event that you want listed with the sign up form, this is the place to add that information. 

Step 9: Save Sheet


Don’t forget to SAVE SHEET! This will automatically take you to the next page in the process.

Step 10: Select the Date of your Event


Clicking in the date field on the Add Task page will open up a calendar picker. Click the date of your event and then click close. 

Step 11: Start Entering Tasks/Items


The first column is the name of the task or item that you want listed in the sign up sheet. For example, Chocolate Cookies or Clean Up Crew. 

Step 12: Enter Quantity Needed


How many of the items or tasks do you need? Enter that number here. The default is 1.

Step 13: Enter Start & End Time (if applicable)


How many of the items or tasks do you need? Enter that number here. The default is 1.

Step 14: Are you allowing Duplicates?


This means “Can someone sign up for more than one thing?” – check the box if Yes. 

Step 15: Do you want to let users enter the quantity they’re bringing?


If you want to allow your sign up users to specify how many of an item they are bringing, check the box that says ENABLE QUANTITIES. 

Step 16: Need Additional Details?


If you need your volunteers to enter specific details about a task or item, you can enable that with the DETAILS NEEDED box. This is typically used for questions like: What dish are you bringing? or What flavor are you bringing?

Step 17: Enter Additional Items/Tasks

continue form

Finish filling out your sign up sheet. If you need more rows click the (+) symbol.

Step 18: Click SAVE


When you’re finished, click the SAVE button to record your work.

Step 19: Check Your Work


Congrats! Now you can go to your Volunteer Sign Up Page and see you new sign up sheet!

Pro Tip: Optimized for Graphene 2.0 & Brix Themes

Graphene 2.0 Theme with Sign Up Sheets

Graphene 2.0 Theme with Sign Up Sheets

Brix Theme with Sign Up Sheets

Brix Theme with Sign Up Sheets

If you want to get the most out of your sign up sheets, they look stunning in both the Graphene 2.0 theme and the new Brix theme. Our lower quality themes will work as well, but they are not as pretty.