Create a link to an Email Address

How to Create a Link that goes to an Email Address

Creating a link to an email address is simple, but if you don’t know the trick it can seem impossible. Typically this will be an email address you want to link to, but it could also be something like “Click Here”.

Highlight the Text You Want to Link


First of all, highlight the text that you want your users to click to open up the email message.

Click the Link Icon (Chain link Graphic)


Now click the icon that creates a link. It looks like a piece of chain.

Enter mailto:emailaddress in URL Field


With a normal link (to a different website or web page) you would paste the URL (address) of the website here, but to make a functioning link to an email address, you will enter the following text: mailto:[email protected] (and of course [email protected] is the email address you want to use).

So for instance, if we wanted to have a link open up an email to [email protected] we would paste in the following link: mailto:[email protected]

Type your mail link into the URL field and then click ADD LINK and you’re done!