An Overview of Themes

The look and feel of your website is controlled by a Theme. Digital PTO offers a wide variety of themes to both our free and paid members. To explore the themes available to you, visit APPEARANCE > THEME LIBRARY


Your Themes Page

When your theme page loads, there are three things you’ll see. Your Current Theme, The Free Themes and the Premium Themes.

Your Current Theme


The current theme your website is using will be displayed on the top left corner of the themes list. You’ll see that is says Active and also has a Customize Button. You can click that button to open up a variety of customization options (depending on the theme).

Free Themes


Free Themes come with all of our plans. 

Premium Plan Themes


Many of our more advanced themes are unlocked with our Paid plans. Hover over a theme and it will tell you which plan you need to have to access that particular theme.

Changing your Website Theme

If you hover over a theme in the Theme Library it will give you an option to see a LIVE PREVIEW of what your site would look like using that particular theme. Keep in mind that some themes have further customization beyond the live preview.


If you click on the Live Preview Button you will see the preview using data already on your site.


Many themes offer customization options on the Live Preview page. Play around with these, as long as you don’t save and publish your changes, you can’t hurt anything. 


If you don’t want to activate a theme after previewing it, simply click the CANCEL button and you’ll be brought back to the Theme Library with no changes being made at all. If you like the new theme and options you’ve selected, click the SAVE & ACTIVATE button to save your changes and make them live.

Our Premium Themes

Our Paid Members have access to additional themes. If you are interested in unlocking additional themes, you can Upgrade here. Premium Themes can still be Live Previewed, you just can’t activate the theme if you’re not a member of the plan associated with that theme.

Further Customizations

Most of our themes offer the ability to upload your own image for the top (header) of your website. Many also offer the ability to upload a custom background. Some of our Premium Themes have entire sections for customization options to make your site your own.

Editing Themes

If you have some knowledge of CSS, you can activate our Simpler CSS Plugin and modify your sites css to your hearts content. Each theme will have it’s own available css for modification.

Widgets & Side Bars

Widgets are small applications that you can drag and drop to different locations on your theme. The most common area is the side bar. These widgets will display things like Recent Posts, Upcoming Events, a Welcome Message, News Archives, Advertisements and more. Widgets can be found at APPEARANCE > WIDGETS/SIDEBAR. We have an entire article on widgets and their use.

Uploading Custom Themes

We are not able to upload custom themes due to the way our network is secured and crafted. This includes themes found in the wordpress repository. Many of our themes offer a variety of customization options though, so you should be able to create a look that meets your needs without a problem.