Facebook Members Widget

What it does


The Facebook Members Widget add a Facebook Facepile to your website side bar. Can be sized and customized in a variety of ways.



There are no settings in this widget area. All settings are located at SETTINGS > FACEBOOK MEMBERS

How to Adjust the Facebook Facepile Widget

Most of our new sites come with a Facebook Widget built in to the sidebar that will need to be customized. If your group does not have a Facebook Page, you can remove the widget in the APPEARANCE > WIDGETS settings. By default, the Facebook Widget comes set up for the Digital PTO Facebook Page, so you will want to make sure to change that when you have a chance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Facebook Widget only works with Facebook PAGES, it will not work with Facebook GROUPS. If your group has a Facebook Group, this widget will not work for you. There is not an easy way to switch from a Group to a Page unfortunately, so you would have to create a new Page on Facebook for your group if you want to use this widget.

Ensure the Facebook Members Widget is Active


It should already be in your sidebar, but in the event that the widget is not in your sidebar, do to APPEARANCE > WIDGETS and drag the Facebook Members Widget to your sidebar. There are no options to set in the Widget, it just needs to be in your sidebar.



To access your Facebook Settings, goto SETTINGS > FACEBOOK MEMBERS. There are a number of options available, but the most important ones are in the WIDGET/SIDEBAR LIKEBOX OPTIONS Tab. Click that tab to access the settings. In the FACEBOOK PAGE NAME field, copy and paste the last part of the URL for your facebook page. For example, ours is located at http://www.facebook.com/DigitalPTO, so we would enter DigitalPTO for our Page Name. You are welcome to adjust other settings as you see fit, but that is the important one. The Image above shows the standard settings which should work for the majority of schools.

A Note about Facebook Settings

Facebook is constantly updating and changing the way their settings work and many times when they make changes to their system, it makes things tricky with the Facebook Widget. Feel free to play around with the setting we provide, but please know that all functionality might not always work depending on what Facebook has changed on their end. The Facepile (likebox) always seems to work, but the other settings can be hit or miss at times.  

A Video Tutorial on How to use the Facebook Settings

The Video above was created to demonstrate how to add the Facebook Members Widget to your site. It is a little outdated, but will give you a general overview of how to add the widget and adjust the basic settings.