Adding a Featured Image

Inserting a Featured Image into your Post/Page

Many of our themes take advantage of a feature called Featured Image. Implementation of the Featured Image varies on each theme and many themes do not use this functionality. If your theme supports Featured Images, this is a great way to add interest to your posts and pages. Our Graphene 2.0 theme takes full advantage of Featured Images in both Posts and Pages and can greatly enhance your site. Featured Images are typically shown when a list of Posts or Pages are displayed. It’s very similar to modern online news sites with an image next to the story link. This tutorial explains how to add a Featured Image.

Step 1: Click Set Featured Image on a Post or Page


Go ahead and open up the Post or Page you want to add a Featured Image to and then click on the SET FEATURED IMAGE option in the Featured Image Section. It will be below the Publish/Update Options on the right side. It may not be directly below the Publish options, but it will be somewhere on the right side (depending on your particular theme)

Step 2: Upload or Select an Existing Image


If you wish to upload a new image, select the UPLOAD FILES tab and upload a new image. If you want to use an existing image you’ve already uploaded, select the MEDIA LIBRARY tab and click on the image you wish to use. If you need more help with this, please see our main Images Instructions Here.

Step 3: Click Set Featured Image Button


Once you have selected (or uploaded) the image you want to use, click the SET FEATURED IMAGE Button in the lower right corner to insert it.

Step 4: Verify and Publish / Update


After you set your image, you will be taken back to your Post / Page. You will now see the featured image in the Featured Image section. Be sure to Update / Publish your work to save everything.

A Few Tips with Featured Images

Most Featured Images will look best if they are square images as that is usually how a theme is set to display them. When possible, try to use a square image so the sides or top and bottom are not cropped when they are displayed. This is not required, but will always look a little nicer.

If you want to remove (or change) your featured image, click the REMOVE FEATURED IMAGE link below the Featured Image and you can save your Page / Post or upload a new Featured Image.