Activating a Premium Theme

How to Activate a Premium Theme

Digital PTO Offers a wide variety of Standard Themes that will meet the needs of most PTA and PTO groups. For groups that want to add another level of customization and options, we also offer Premium Themes that are available with all Premium Memberships. These themes are typically more advanced and offer more features visually and/or functionally.

Please Note: Premium themes may require some customization and additional formatting in order to fully function. At this time we do not offer traning guides on all of our Premium Themes, but we do have a great guide on our Graphene 2.0 Theme. If you are not comfortable exploring settings on your own, we would suggest using a Standard Theme for now.

Need a theme recommendation?

All of our themes work very well and have different visual and technical appeal. Our favorite two themes though stand far above the rest.

Starter 2012 Theme – Yes, this is a free theme, but if you are looking for a very simple theme that does not require a lot of customization, this is the theme for you. It offers easy color customization, supports the Menu manager and is clean and easy to use.

Graphene 2.0 Theme – This is BY FAR our favorite and most versatile theme. Don’t confuse it with the Graphene 1.0 theme, they are very different. The Graphene 2.0 theme supports complete customization including featured images, sponsor advertising, multiple menus and more. We built the Ultimate Training Videos around this theme, so the training can’t be beat. Access the Videos Here

How to access the Premium Themes

Accessing the Premium Themes is easy! They are now integrated with all themes, so you simply need to visit the APPEARANCE > THEMES Page and you’re ready to preview. For complete instructions on how to Work with Themes, please visit the Themes Tutorial Here.