Smart Phone Mobile Theme

How to Use the Smart Phone Theme (WPTouch Pro) Settings

The Smart Phone Theme Plugin creates a second variation of your website automatically that is smart phone friendly. This theme is automatically displayed on iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Windows Phones and Blackberry Phones. There are MANY settings available, but we will cover the basics below. Note that we are not going to go into details about all the settings here. We will point out the key options and get you started with a road map. The default settings will work just fine, but you are, of course, able to adjust anything as you see fit.

How to Activate the Plugin


If the Smart Phone Theme Plugin is not activated on your site, go to PLUGINS > ALL PLUGINS and click the Activate link below the Smart Phone Theme title.

Access Settings in the WPTouch Pro Menu


When you activate the plugin, you will see a new set of menu items called WPTouch PRO. Hover over the Menu to access the sub menu called CORE SETTINGS.

You may need to activate your license.


If you have never used the WPTouch Pro plugin, it may tell you that you are using an unlicensed version. Don’t worry, you’ve got a license, it just needs to be activated. Click the ADD A LICENSE button to start the process.

Do not change the license info – just click ACTIVATE


Your license will be pre-filled out and ready to be activated. Do not try to enter your own credentials, they will not work. All you need to do on this page is click the ACTIVATE button. If you accidentally delete the pre-filled info, please contact us so that we can get you set back up.

Review the Title of your Mobile Site


Under CORE SETTINGS > GENERAL, look for the Site Title and Byline field. This will be the title of your site when viewed on a mobile device. Check to see if you want to modify it at all. Typically, the shorter the better is a good rule of thumb. You can also check or uncheck the display of wording in the footer of your mobile site that says “Powered by WPTouch Pro”.  

Specify your Landing Page


On the same page, scroll down a little further and find the LANDING PAGE options. If you leave this on the default, this will display all of your latest News Posts & Featured Images, but you can also change the address that a smart phone goes to as the home page in the event that you want to direct your mobile users to a different page. Typically you’ll leave this on the default, but it’s totally up to your needs! 

Save your Changes

general save

When you have finished making changes to the General Options page, be sure to SAVE CHANGES at the bottom to lock in your selections.



Go back to the admin menu and go to WPTOUCH PRO > THEME SETTINGS.



There are a number of settings that you can modify in the GENERAL tab in the THEME SETTINGS. Nothing “needs” to be changed for the mobile theme to work, but feel free to make adjustments to your needs. This page controls the number of News Posts to display, what to include in the slider and much more.

Adjust your BRANDING Settings


Click on the BRANDING tab up top to access the custom look settings for your mobile site. You can adjust the colors, logos, footer, shapes and add links to your social media accounts. 

Save your Changes

general save

When you have finished making changes to the Theme Settings, be sure to SAVE CHANGES at the bottom to lock in your selections. As we mentioned before there are a lot of options and settings available and we are covering the most important aspects of the software. You are more than welcome to make adjustments to elements that we do not cover in this intro tutorial.

Click on the MENUS menu


Under WPTOUCH PRO, click on the MENUS option.

Select your correct Header Menu


This is VERY IMPORTANT. The first time you activate WP Touch PRO, your default menu will be all the pages on your site. In most cases, this is not what you want, so please select the Menu that you use for the regular view of your site. By default, your main menu is called Main Nav, but if you changed it look for the updated name. Additionally, if you want to create a specific menu for Mobile Users, you can do that in your Menu Manager (APPEARANCE > MENUS) and then once that menu is saved, you can activate it on this page as the Header Menu.

Save your Changes

general save

When you have finished making changes to the Menu Settings, be sure to SAVE CHANGES at the bottom to lock in your selections.

Explore and Experiment

As we mentioned, there are tons of options available for the WPTouch PRO settings. We do not provide tutorials on all of these settings as the default settings work great, but you are welcome to customize the settings to your hearts content. Be sure to complete the Menu assignment from above as that is an important step, the rest is all optional.

If the WPTouch Pro Plugin is not activated on your site, go to PLUGINS > INSTALLED PLUGINS and click the Activate link below the WPTouch PRO title.
Please Note: WP Touch can not be used on sites that require a password to access the site. If your Privacy Settings are set to require a single password to gain access to your site, the WP Touch Plugin has a conflict and will ask for a username and password before accessing the site. We do not suggest using WP Touch if you are requiring a password on your website.